Animal Removal Contra Costa County, CA
If you have rodents in your home or office, you are at serious risk. Don’t wait to call us for our cleanup services!

Crawl Space Cleanup Contra Costa County, CA
We'll come to your property and remove the expired animal in a sanitary method. During the appointment we will offer an inspection of your home to prevent this from occurring again. 

Pest Inspection Contra Costa County, CA
One of the most common places you can find evidence of rodent activity is in an attic crawl space as they leave behind their excrement. Rest assured we have everything covered.  Call and ask for our attic cleanup services!
Call us to schedule a free inspection!
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Pest Inspection & Animal Removal
Throughout the East Bay. 

Are there rats in your attic or crawl space? Has your house become infested with pesky invaders? Removing these rodents is vital to the safety of your family and home. The experts at Reliable Rodent Solutions can help with the rodent removal, attic and crawl space clean up, including insulation removal and install. Our complete pest removal and restoration services also include a plan to effectively prevent rats or mice from ever entering your property again. Serving Contra Costa County, CA.

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Reliable Rodent Solutions 

Gives You Peace Of Mind

When your home or commercial property becomes infested with mice or other unwanted visitors, it’s hard to feel safe or secure. Knowing that you have pesky house guests means you probably can’t relax or sleep well at night. You may double-check your fridge and pantry multiple times, never knowing what you’ll find. 

You don’t need to live in fear any longer! 
Our friendly specialists will come to your property to perform a pest inspection and address each problem. We’ll make sure nothing enters your residential or commercial property again. 

Reliable Rodent Solutions proudly serves Alameda, Contra Costa and Solano Counties. Call today at (925) 378-3289 to schedule your free pest inspection!  Remember, if you need attic and crawl space cleaning services, we can help!
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